Special Surveys

  • Photogrammetric Control Surveys
    • Battle Born Ventures will partner with a reputable aerial mapping consultant, establish a survey control network at the project site, and construct aerial targets (panels) at specific locations within and around the project limits.  Battle Born Ventures will provide the survey data for each panel to the aerial mapping consultant in the proper electronic format prior to flying the project.
  • ALTA Surveys and Mapping
    • ALTA Surveys are most commonly associated with commercial real estate transactions and are often required by financial institutions and/or title companies.
    • Battle Born Ventures will gather record information and perform a boundary survey of the subject property for use in preparing the ALTA Survey Plat. Typically a 24” x 36” map is prepared in accordance with the “2005 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys” which will show existing surface and underground utility features (i.e. utility boxes, utility lines, etc.), roadways, and planometric features (i.e. buildings, fences, etc.).
  • Water Rights Surveying & Mapping
    • Battle Born Ventures provides water rights surveying and map preparation services for new water right applications, change applications, transfers, and proofs of beneficial use. Battle Born Ventures will also assist the client with estimating water demands and pumping rates and during the process of preparing the appropriate application forms for submittal to the State Engineer.
  • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates
    • Battle Born Ventures will determine the proper FEMA forms for your residence and will then conduct a field survey at the subject property to determine the applicable elevations of the structure in relation to an approved FEMA benchmark. Battle Born Ventures will complete the forms and provide two original copies to the client for their use in submitting to their insurance provider and for personal records.