Construction Surveys

Battle Born Ventures has the technical expertise and project experience to provide efficient and cost effective construction layout surveys for private and public sector infrastructure improvement projects. Battle Born Ventures will contract with either general contractors or property owner when supplying staking services. We are adept at providing construction staking and layout for building corners and wall lines, earthwork and site grading, drill pads, cut and fill slopes, site improvements (i.e. curb and gutter, sidewalks, edge of pavement, etc.), pipeline alignments, road alignments, power line alignments, detention ponds, and other development related improvements. Battle Born Ventures also provides as-built surveys to document the as-built conditions of infrastructure installations and improvement projects. These surveys often include the location, invert elevations, depths, and dimensions of installed piping and conduits, locations and characteristics of the respective utility’s tie-in point, building and site improvements locations and finished elevations. The information gathered during the survey is typically supplied to the engineer of record or the project owner to be reduced and compiled into official project as-built drawings. Battle Born Venture employees are OSHA certified.

  • Site Improvement Staking
  • Site Utilities Staking
  • Pipeline & Roadway Alignment Staking
  • Building Corners and Wall Lines
  • Clearing Limits
  • Mass Grading Cut & Fill Staking
  • Construction As-built Surveys