Land Surveying

Land Surveying Services:

Battle Born Ventures (BBV) utilizes Trimble GPS technology and equipment as well as conventional “total station” survey instruments and equipment to perform various land surveys. Battle Born Ventures provides services to private land developers, residential property owners, mining industry, energy sectors, utility providers, and local municipalities. The following is a summary of the types of surveys that our company can provide:

Boundary Surveys:

Battle Born Ventures has the technical expertise and trade experience to provide efficient an effective boundary surveys to establish, retrace, or reconfigure property boundary lines. These surveys will allow property owners to physically locate and decipher their property’s boundary lines on the ground. These surveys can be a valuable tool to utilize during a boundary dispute between privately owned parcels of land. Boundary surveys can be expressed in the following manner:

  • Property Corner Location Surveys
  • Records of Survey
  • Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Reversion to Acreage Maps
  • Parcel Maps
  • Final Maps
  • Legal Descriptions & Exhibits
  • Easement & Right-of-Way Establishment Surveys

Topographic Surveys:

Battle Born Ventures will establish a survey control network at the project site that will coincide with the NAD 83/94, State Plane Grid horizontal survey datum and the NAVD 88 vertical survey datum prior to performing a topographic survey. Other datums can be utilized at the client’s request. Typically, a topographic survey will consist of gathering survey data associated with existing ground topography with a focus on general ground spot elevations, surface drainage features, existing roadway improvements, existing utilities, planometrics (buildings, fences, etc.), and any other pertinent physical features as determined applicable for the respective project. Topographic surveys coupled with boundary surveys are essential to the planning and conceptualizing of land development projects.

  • Topographic Surveys and Mapping
  • Earthworks Volume Verification Surveys and Quantities Calculations

Construction Surveys:

Battle Born Ventures has the technical expertise and project experience to provide efficient and cost effective construction layout surveys for private and public sector infrastructure improvement projects. Battle Born Ventures will contract with either general contractors or property owner when supplying staking services. We are adept at providing construction staking and layout for building corners and wall lines, earthwork and site grading, drill pads, cut and fill slopes, site improvements (i.e. curb and gutter, sidewalks, edge of pavement, etc.), pipeline alignments, road alignments, power line alignments, detention ponds, and other development related improvements. Battle Born Ventures also provides as-built surveys to document the as-built conditions of infrastructure installations and improvement projects. These surveys often include the location, invert elevations, depths, and dimensions of installed piping and conduits, locations and characteristics of the respective utility’s tie-in point, building and site improvements locations and finished elevations. The information gathered during the survey is typically supplied to the engineer of record or the project owner to be reduced and compiled into official project as-built drawings. Battle Born Ventures employees are OSHA certified.

  • Site Improvement Staking
  • Site Utilities Staking
  • Pipeline & Roadway Alignment Staking
  • Building Corners and Wall Lines
  • Clearing Limits
  • Mass Grading Cut & Fill Staking
  • Construction As-built Surveys

Mine Surveys:

Battle Born Ventures has the technical expertise and project experience to provide efficient and cost effective surveys for various mining activities. We can provide staking services synonymous with constructions surveys, in addition to grade control surveys, staking of ore bodies, pit limits, blast patterns, mining claim retracement, and exploration drill hole locations. Battle Born Ventures also is capable of providing stockpile volume calculations and other earthwork quantity estimating. Battle Born Ventures employees are MSHA certified.

Special Surveys:

  • Photogrammetric Control Surveys
    • Battle Born Ventures will partner with a reputable aerial mapping consultant, establish a survey control network at the project site, and construct aerial targets (panels) at specific locations within and around the project limits. Battle Born Ventures will provide the survey data for each panel to the aerial mapping consultant in the proper electronic format prior to flying the project.
  • ALTA Surveys and Mapping
    • ALTA Surveys are most commonlyassociated with commercial real estate transactions and are often required by financial institutions and/or title companies.
    • Battle Born Ventures will gather record information and perform a boundary survey of the subject property for use in preparing the ALTA Survey Plat. Typically a 24” x 36” map is prepared in accordance with the “2005 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys” which will show existing surface and underground utility features (i.e. utility boxes, utility lines, etc.), roadways, and planometric features (i.e. buildings, fences, etc.).
  • Water Rights Surveying & Mapping
    • Battle Born Ventures provides water rights surveying and map preparation services for new water right applications, change applications, transfers, and proofs of beneficial use. Battle Born Ventures will also assist the client with estimating water demands and pumping rates and during the process of preparing the appropriate application forms for submittal to the State Engineer.
  • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates
    • Battle Born Ventures will determine the proper FEMA forms for your residence and will then conduct a field survey at the subject property to determine the applicable elevations of the structure in relation to an approved FEMA benchmark. Battle Born Ventures will complete the forms and provide two original copies to the client for their use in submitting to their insurance provider and for personal records.