Sheckler Cut-off Park & Recreation Area

Battle Born Ventures, LLC recently entered into a contract with Churchill County Parks and Recreation Department to prepare a conceptual plan of use for the proposed Sheckler Cut-off Park and Recreational Area. BBV’s surveyors located the existing property corners associated with the subject parcel and collected topographic survey data associated with existing ground and improvements at the site. The work involved obtaining and reviewing a preliminary title report, records research, field surveying, base mapping, project coordination, and boundary delineation for a 5 acre parcel located along the Carson River in Churchill County. BBV compiled the survey data along with record boundary into a 24”x 36” exhibit figure for the “Conceptual Plan” for use during informal discussions and at proposed Town Hall meetings.

The exhibit figure depicts the location of existing improvements (i.e. structures, driveways, etc.), proposed access routes, parking areas, trail routes, trail appurtenances, and specific use improvement locations and descriptions (i.e. information kiosks, outlooks, camping and/or picnic areas, and fishing access/ piers). In addition, the figure will depict existing parcel boundaries and property ownership information with respect to the subject property and adjoining lands. BBV plans to attend up to four (4) Town Hall meetings and will assist Churchill County Parks and Recreation officials in presenting the working conceptual plan to the community. At these Town Hall meetings BBV and Churchill County Parks and Recreation officials will compile community feedback, review comments and ideas, and will implement and/or include approved ideas into the working conceptual plan.

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